Guide to Trondheim

A new and updated guide for Trodheim is published here (exists in 6 different languages).

Nations and runners in WOC 2010

Jan Kocbach at World of O has created an overview of the nations and runners that will be competing in the WOC 2010. You will find the link under "For Media" in the menu on the left. You can also click here to get there.

Information WOC Tour

Detailed information to the participants of the WOC Tour has been published here.

Training opportunities Summer 2010

A collection of all the training opportunities during the Summer 2010 can be found here.

WOC Tour - late entries still possible

It is still possible to make late entries to WOC-Tour on e-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  until August 6th, and as long as free starting numbers are availbale in the actual class. The start list will be published in about 1 week. On-site entries are available at the arenas all days of competition. Questions or requests concerning the WOC Tour: please use the e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Russias team for WOC2010

Russia has selected 6 men and 6 women for their team to WOC2010. Read the details about the selection here.

Overview map WOC2010

On the following map the most important places during the WOC2010 week are shown. Look at the map.

World TempO Trophy

The first  World TempO Trophy will take place at the Kristiansten fortress in Trondheim on Friday 13 august 2010. Later the same day the course will be open to all comers for the World TempO Experience. More information here.

WOC by night

The Week of WOC adventures continues at Saturday night (14.8) with both a free concert at the Town Square and party at Verkstedhallen. The free concert will be held in Town Square (Torvet) starting at 20:00 hrs right after the price giving ceremony, where it will be played music from some of mid-Norway's biggest musical talents. When the festivities on the Town Square round off, we'll continue with the  party at Vekstedhallen (from 21:30 hrs). It will be music and dancing for people over 18 years, both for WOC Tour participants and spectators. The premises will be rigged with a bar, stage and DJ - so just take on the dance shoes on and come to party with us. More information here. Ticets for the party at Verksetdhallen can be purchased at WOC Tour info from 7.8.  Welcome to WOC by night!

WOC Tour - on-site entry

All days during the WOC Tour there will be possibilities for 5 different on-site entry courses (open classes). Three courses on A-level will be offered (6.5 km, 4.8 km, and 3.4 km). In addition there will be one course on B-level  (3.0 km) and a short course (1.7 km) at N-level (beginners). All on-site entry courses have free starting time within the starting time periode for ordinary classes. Entries on-site at the information desk on the WOC Tour arena. The price is NOK 120 per day.

Final entry WOC

Final Entry of WOC teams (athletes and coaches) must be submitted by 1st August 2010. The form can be downloaded here. The Entry Form should be submitted with passport size photos.

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