Final entry WTOC

Final Entry of WTOC teams (athletes and coaches) must be submitted by 20th July 2010. The form can be downloaded here. The Entry Form should be submitted with passport size photos.

Denmarks team for WOC2010

Denmark has selected a realtive small team for WOC2010, only 3 women and 4 men. All details can be found here.

Only 30 days left

Today it is only 30 days left to the opening of WOC2010 on Sunday, August 8th. The organisers and more than 600 volunteers are now making the last preparations to welcome the whole o-world to Trondheim. There are a lot of activities in all parts of the organisation, but everything is reported to be on schedule.

Switzerlands and Swedens national teams for WOC2010 selected

Both Switzerland and Sweden have selected their national teams for WOC2010 now. The team from Switzerland is presented here, and the Swedish team is presented here. Switzerland will be represented by 11 athletes, 6 women and 5 men, while Sweden will be represented by 14 athletes, 7 women and 7 men.

13 Norwegian athletes selected for WOC2010

The Norwegian Orienteering Federation has selected 13 athletes to represent Norway in WOC2010. The team consists of 7 men and 6 women. Details on who are selected for which distances are presented here.

Selection races in Verdal

This week-end (2 - 4 July) many nations have their selection races for WOC2010 in Verdal (about 110 km north of Trondheim). Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway have their best runners participating in these races. The program contains both sprint (Friday), middle distance (Saturday) and long distance (Sunday). Information an results may be found here.

42 nations respresented at WOC2010

After a late entry, there are now entries from 42 nations to WOC2010. WTOC has entries from athletes representing 18 nations. The WOC Tour has entries from 33 nations which is quite impressive. The whole o-world is coming to Trondheim for the WOC week.

Entries for the childrens WOC-world

The entries for the childrens WOC-world  is now open.  All information concerning the childrens WOC-world and all its activities may be found here.

Trondheim Open with international participation

Trondheim Open, a big local o-event, took place 11-13 June in Trondheim. A lot of national teams used this 3-days competition as training for WOC2010. Results and tracking may be viewed here.

Results from Trial WTOC and NC Trail-O 12 -13 June

The results from the NC (Norwegian Cup) in Trail-O and a trial WTOC is available here.

Environmental certification of WOC2010

WOC2010 has achieved an official certification for preserving the environment according to FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education. This includes the rights to use their logo and their green flag. WOC2010 is committed to follow the criterias for the certification and take necessary actions during the WOC2010 for preserving the environment. The certification  is given to events which actively work for reducing the impact on the environment. A number of criterias in several areas must be fullfilled in order to achieve the certification. More information my be found on FEEs web.

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