WTOC Bulletin 3

WTOC Bulletin 3 is now published and may be downloaded here.

WOC Bulletin 3 published

The WOC Bulletin 3 is now published, it may be downloaded here.

Final entry WTOC2010

Final entries for Federation teams, including the full name, sex, date of birth and passport-size photo of each athlete and team official must be submitted on the entry form of the WTOC2010 registration system by 20 July, 2010 at the very latest.  The entry form will be available here by 1 July.

WTOC Bulletin 3

Bulletin 3 for WTOC will be published 15 June.

Trial WTOC and NC Trail-O 12 -13 June

An invitation to the NC (Norwegian Cup) in Trail-O and a trial WTOC is found here. (only in Norwegian). We invite both foreign and national Trial-O ethusiasts to a Trail-O week-end in Trondheim. There will be classes for everbody, also beginners.

World TempO Trophy 13 August

The “sprint” version of trail orienteering, known as TempO, has developed to the level whereby the IOF wishes to stage a world competition in the format, this competition being an intermediate step towards eventual full world championships.  The competition will be held 13 August, after the WTOC2010 championships.  More details about the format and the entry will be announced later.

WOC Tour - extended entry deadline

Due to a rush of entries for the WOC Tour the last week, the organizers have decided to extend the ordinary entry deadline until 1 June. This means that the normal entry fee remains until this date. Final entry deadline is still 15 July, but after 1 June an increased entry fee applies. As of 15 May there were almost 1500 participants registered from 32 nations, meaning that the WOC Tour really is going to be a big international competition.

Big O-event in Trøndelag - also a test for the WOC team

A big o-event have taken place in Levanger (80 km north of Trondheim) this week-end. On Thursday the Norwegian cahmpionships in sprint took place. On Saturday and Sundag the o-event continued with WRE- and national competitions. The sprint was another technology test for the WOC2010 team. 11 nations were represented in these competitions. Many national teams have had training camps in the Levanger area the last week as preparations for WOC2010. All results and tracking (of the best runners) may be found here.

WOC Tour entry deadline

Deadline for ordinary entries to WOC Tour is 15 May.  The deadline refers to the date on which the entry form was submitted to us.  If the payment arrives after 15 May, the prices will not be affected.

Childrens WOC-world

During the WOC week there will be activites for families with small children -  the "Childrens WOC-world"! A lot of fun for children up to 10 years. The activites will take place on the arenas every day, and no pre-entry is necessary. The childrens WOC-world - so fun that all of Trondheim will hear us! More details in the invitatation (in Norwegian).

WOC-camp for children at 13 years

WOC2010 invites 2 girls and 2 boys from all Norwegian o-regions to the WOC2010 in Trondheim. More details in the invitation (in Norwegian).

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