Towards an international WOC Tour 2010

By 1 February we have received 435 entries from 21 nations to the WOC Tour. Deadline for reservation of hotel accommodation through the organizer is 25 March. Deadline for entry to the WOC Tour, and for reservation of school accommodation and tent/caravan site is 15 May.

WTOC Entry form available

The WTOC entry form is now available, and may be downloaded here.

WTOC Bulletin 2B published

The WTOC Bulletin 2B is now published, it may be downloaded here.

WTOC Bulletin 2B delayed until 15 January 2010

The organizers of WTOC regrets to announce a delay of Bulletin 2B. The delay is caused by insufficient information regarding transportation and accommodation. The WTOC Bulletin 2B will be published on 15 January 2010 - including all necessary information covering transportation and accommodation.

TV coverage of WOC2010

NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) - the number one TV-channel in Norway - has signed a contract with the Norwegian Orienteering Federation (NOF) which ensure direct TV coverage of all WOC2010 finals in Norway. The TV production will be contracted to a foreign production company specializing in TV production of orienteering races. NRK will transmit all finals - sprint, middle distance, long distance, and the relays. NOF will offer the TV production of the WOC2010 finals to TV stations abroad.

Online entry for WOC Tour 2010 open

The online entry for the WOC Tour 2010 is now opened under the menu WOC Tour 2010-> Online Entry.

Invitation to WOC Tour 2010

Invitation to the WOC Tour 2010 can be downloaded here.

Accomodation and entry for WOC

Detailed information on accomodation for athletes and team officials is now available from the For Teams -> Accomodation menu. The entry form is also available under the For Teams -> Entries menu. The deadline for entry is 31 March 2010.

Accomodation for athletes and team leaders

Detailed information about accommodation for athletes and team leaders is now available here.

Hotel booking

Detailed information on how to book hotels will be available here on during October. We recommend everybody to wait for this information before bookings are made.

How to orienteer in the WOC2010 terrain?

A lecture on this subject was given by Pål Kittelsen at the recent official training camp in Trondheim. His presentation can be downloaded here.

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