Norwegian championships in Trail-O in Trondheim 12-13. September 2009

The Norwegian championships in Trail-O will take place in Trondheim 12.-13. September 2009. This event is recommended as a training for WTOC2010. For more information, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bulletin no. 2

Bulletin no. 2 has been published.

Invitation to the first official training camp 4.-12. September 2009

The first official training camp will take place in the Trondheim area 4.-12. September 2009. Please see further details in the invitation.  Entries are done by submitting the entry entry form.

Vi trenger frivillige som kan hjelpe oss med å arrangere WOC2010

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WOC2010 trenger et stort antall frivillige (ca 500) som kan være med på å arrangere et spektakulært, urbant og synlig WOC2010. Ledige stillinger vil bli kunngjort fortløpende under menypunktet til venstre: Meld deg som frivillig. Her kan du elektronisk søke på ledige stillinger etter hvert som de blir annonsert. Om du ikke finner en stilling som passer deg, men likevel ønsker å være med som arrangør, send inn en "åpen søknad". Du finner dette også på søkersiden. Bare følg instruksjonene og lever søknaden elektronisk, så vil du bli kontaktet av en av oss i organisasjonskomiteen.

Invitation to local o-events in 2009

Invitations to local o-events have been published under "Training opportunities". Invitations to the following o-events are published: Trondheim Open, 8.-10. May 2009, Regional Championships, 4.-6. September2009, and Norwegian Championships, 10.-13. September 2009. These o-events are recommended as training for WOC2010.

Existing maps covering the embargoed areas

All existing maps covering the embargoed areas are now published on the WOC website. Please refer to menu “For Teams -> Embargoed areas”. Here you may now find a link to the maps in a downloadable pdf-format. There has also been made some adjustments to the maps compared to what was published in Bulletin #1. This will be corrected in Buletin #2.

New 3D map server covering the Trondheim area

A new 3D map-server covering the Trondheim city and the Trondheim area is available at the website The maps cover all the embargoed areas for WOC2010. The service is easy to use and open to everybody.

The course planner team has been decided

The organizing committee has appointed the course planner team for WOC2010. The team consists of 11 persons. Their names can be found under competitions.

The Norwegian government supports WOC2010 with 1,4 million NOK

At a press conference in Trondheim on October 27th, the Minister of Culture and Church Affairs, Trond Giske, announced that the Ministry of Culture and Church affairs have decided to give 1,4 million NOK (about 160.000 EUR) to WOC2010. This amount is dedicated to the development and production of new maps for WOC2010. The Minister expressed that Norway and Trondheim trough this WOC have a unique opportunity to show the orienteering-world both Norway and Trondheim. He also confirmed that the WOC-week was already noted in his calendar for August 2010, and that he planned to be present during some of the finals.

The IOF council did not approve the WOC2010 programme

At its meeting 145 in Helsinki in October 2008, the IOF Council discussed the programme proposal for WOC2010. The Council decided that the competition programme must stay within eight (8) days, counting from the first qualification to the last final. It means that the organisers' proposal, which uses 9 days, was not approved. The organisers are now working on a revised programme which is expected to be approved within March 2009.

New website launched

The new website for WOC2010 is launched with new design and new content.

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