Policy for preserving the environment

Our ambition for preserving the environment during WOC2010 is to reduce all possible effects on the environment. Orienteering as a sport has always been close to the nature. WOC2010 with its dimensions is a perfect opportunity to show our values, internally as well as to the rest world outside our sport. As athletes we will treat the nature as we always do: it shall not be possible to see that we have been there. To underline the importance of taking care of the nature, we will minimize the total effect on the environment, not only the local ones. This is achieved by reducing both the total need for transportation as well as keeping the energy consumption at a minimum. To become a god example we will encourage all our volunteers to walk, use bicycle, or use public transportation during all WOC2010 activities, as well as saving energy whenever possible.

The work for preserving the environment will affect all activities during WOC2010. We will prepare for the possibility for everybody participating in WOC2010 to communicate the value of preserving the environment.

A presntation of our environmental policy may be downloaded here. A French version of the presentation may be downloaded here.

The application for environmental certification can be read here. A French version of the application can be read here.

The following organisations will be present at the arenas:

 Norsk Resirk


Elbilen Buddy



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