General information - WOC Tour

General information WOC Tour:


Accommodation is at Ugla School, located approximately 6 km from Trondheim Centre. The check-in will start Saturday 7th August at 15.00. Further practical information is given upon arrival.

The most convenient way of getting there is by tram (there is only one tram-line in Trondheim) to Ugla Station (approx. 20 min.).  From the Central Station it is about 15 min. walk to the tram station. The tram runs every 30 min. till 00.15. You may also take the bus; line 8 goes from the stops in the city center up to Ugla station. From Ugla station it is a 5 minute walk to the school. The road will be marked by signs.

Further information regarding the accommodation will be given upon arrival.

Participant bags

The participants should collect their participant bags at the WOC Tour Info before making their first start. There is one bag pr submitted booking. This will contain start number(s), start lists for the actual class, program, Trondheim map, as well as rental e-card, bus ticket and breakfast tickets if ordered. When the participant bags are collected, the entry fee must have been paid, or else you will have to do it by cash or credit card before receiving your items.

WOC Tour Info

At the WOC Tour Info you can collect your items, make changes in your entry, submit your entry to the open classes, collect the maps for the beginner classes, or get the answer if there is anything you are uncertain about.

Saturday 7th of August  14.00-17.00        Trondheim Town Square

Sunday 8th of August     12.00-21.00        Trondheim Town Square

Monday 9th of August   08.00-16.00        Arena Jervskogen

Tuesday 10th of August 08.00-17.00        Arena Jervskogen

Wedn. 11th of August    10.00-16.00        Arena Duedalen

Friday 13th of August      09.00-14.00        Arena Granåsen

Saturday 14th of August                08.00-14.00        Arena Granåsen


The maps are prepared in 5 color offset print at 115-grams paper. The course is printed in purple.

Description of timing system

The Emit Electronic Punching and Timing system is applied for both timing and checking of controls. The timer is started when the Emit card is lifted out of the starting unit. Race time is recorded by punching at the finish control which is placed about one meter behind the finish line. In the pursuit start (Saturday) there will be a referee at the finish line to judge winners in close matches. The order when crossing the finish line is decisive for the results.


Runners who have to make changes in their entry should go to the WOC Tour Info and fill the changes form before making their first start.

Rental e-cards

If you have booked a rental e-card, this will be found in the participant bag. If you have rented e-card for the full week, you should return it in the finish after the last stage, or even in the WOC Tour Info. There you will also find extra rental e-cards.

Lost e-card

A lost rental e-card must be compensated for 500 NOK. Please contact the WOC Tour Info.

Open classes

All days during the WOC Tour there will be possibilities for 5 different open classes. Three courses on A-level will be offered (6.5 km, 4.8 km, and 3.4 km); these courses will start at start 2. In addition there will be one course on B-level (3.0 km) and a short course (1.7 km) at N-level (beginners), both from start 3. All on-site entry courses have free starting time within the starting time for ordinary classes. Entries could be made at the WOC Tour Info at the arena. The price is NOK 120 per day.

Start number

All runners should carry their number visible on the chest. The same number will be used the whole week. If you lose your number, you can by a new one at the WOC Tour Info for 30 NOK. For the pursuit classes, a special start number will be used for the 10 best placed runners in each class. See further information for stage 5.

Procedure at start

For runners at start 1 with emiTag (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

  • 5 minutes before start: Call-up and hand out of emiTag
  • 4 minutes before start: Walk to the start line
  • 3 minutes before start: Hand out of backup labels
  • 2 minutes before start: Hand out of control descriptions
  • 0 minutes before start: E-card activation

Start at the last beep, and the map can be taken. The runner is responsible for taking the right map.

For runners without emiTag (all days except pursuit)

  • 3 minutes before start: Call-up and hand out of backup labels
  • 2 minutes before start: Hand out of control descriptions
  • 0 minutes before start: E-card activation

Start at the last beep, and the map can be taken. The runner is responsible for taking the right map.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions are handed out at the start for all classes, and control descriptions are also printed on the map. In the beginner classes the control description handed out at the start is in written format (Norwegian and English), while the one printed on the map uses IOF-symbols.

Backup labels

Backup label is attached to the Emit e-card.  Preprinted backup label with name and e-card number is provided at start.

Too late for start

The runner should contact one of the officials at the start. Unless the organizer is responsible for the incident, the time will count from the original start time.

Many controls

There are a lot of controls in the forest, be careful to check the code so we can avoid unnecessary disqualifications!

Calculation of overall time and start time for the pursuit

  •  At the first four stages your ”time after race winner” will be calculated.
  • ”Time after race winner” will be divided by estimated winning time in the class, and multiplied by “estimated winning time in the pursuit”. Then we will get a “weighted time behind”, where all races count approximately even.
  • The sum of your three lowest ”weighted time after” will be your start time after first start in class.
  • Runners who have a sum of their three lowest ”weighted time after” less than 60 minutes will be included in the pursuit.
  • Runners without three accepted races of the first four will get a normal drawn start time.
  • Start lists for the pursuit will be published Saturday evening at the arena, and at

 Finish procedure

There will be 3 equal parallel finish lanes. After punching at the finish-line control, the runner must continue to the e-card reading unit. If the punching is not accepted, the runner will be shown to a 'red zone', where any misunderstandings can be sorted out. Reasons for rejection may include missing controls, incorrect e-card number or if the e-card is not working.

Non-finishing runners

Runners not finishing the race must report at the finish point in order to allow us to keep record of all runners in the forest.

Fair Play

We will not collect the maps after the finish in WOC Tour. We kindly ask you to show fair play; information about terrain and courses should not be given to persons who have not started their races.


From the competition rules:”All participants should have an outfit that covers the body except head, neck and arms. This is not valid for sprint races.”


In the classes for 12 years and younger; all competitors will receive prizes all days. In the other classes there will be prizes for the class winners. The prize giving ceremony will take place at the arena.

The overall prize giving ceremony for the 3 best runners in the elite classes as well as class winners in the other classes will take place at Trondheim Town Square, Saturday August 14th at 18.30. The prize winners must be present at latest by 18.15 by the stage. The other prize winners in the overall standing will receive their prizes at the prize giving tent at the arena in Granåsen.

Club competition

Sp.kl. Freidig has given a team trophy to the club who will win the most stage wins in the WOC Tour. One stage win in W11 will e.g. count as one point. For the fifth stage the overall result will count. If tied the most second positions will decide. Open classes will not count. The standing will be published at the arena before each stage. The trophy will be awarded at the prize giving ceremony at Trondheim Town Square Saturday August 14th.

Children’s WOC-world

The Children’s WOC-world will provide a rich offer of activities for the kids at the arena all days. There will be traditional activities such as children’s course and kindergarten, as well as labyrinth-o, face painting and cheering activities. Entries are to be made at the arena. All participants will get a t-shirt. See also other pages.

WOC by night

Saturday August 14th the WOC by night is hosted. First, there is the prize giving ceremony for the WOC Tour at 18.30. Then there is the prize giving ceremony for the WOC middle distance at 19.30, and at 20.00 there will be a free, open-air concert presented by Sparebank1 Midt-Norge, presenting some of the biggest talents from the region. This will all take place at Trondheim Town Square. The night will continue with a WOC party at Verkstedhallen, for everyone 18 years and older. There will be dance floor and open bar. Tickets to this event will be sold at the WOC Tour Info for 100 NOK.

Club tents

Club tents can be placed at given areas of the arena.

First aid

In case of accident first aid will be present at the arena on all stages.


There will be sales of drinks, snacks and barbecue at the arena all days. There will also be a restaurant tent serving hot meal all days except the sprint race on Wednesday August 11th.

Flags and banners

To make sure everyone who wants to see the big screen will actually see it, it is not allowed to bring beach flags or other banners that inhibit the sight for the other spectators. This will apply for all arenas.

Old maps

It is not allowed to bring old maps of the competition areas to the arenas.

Race director WOC Tour

Magnus Mellbye Larsen, 481 79 214


A spectacular, urban and visible WOC