World Champion again

Simone Niggli won the long distance final in Granåsen today, Marianne Andersen (NOR) and Emma Claesson (SWE) took the two other medals.

The swiss orienteerer tok her 17. gold medal and won todays race by over two minutes.

- I won the race so you can call it a perfect race, says Niggli.

She also claimed that she does not think about the middle distance saturday after her perfect WOC-start.

- It is special to win the long distance here in Trondheim, because this is the home terrain for the Norwegian and Scandinavian runners, Niggli said at the press conference.

Marianne Andersen was in the lead for a long time, but lost some time at the end and she finishes 2.13 after Niggli.

- My race was good, but not perfect, says the silvermedalist Andersen after her race.

Emma Claesson did not start her race perfectly, but she finished 5 seconds behind the silver.

- It was a pretty bad start.


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