Norwegian double

Olav Lundanes won the gold medal in front of Anders Nordberg. Thierry Gueorgiou won the bronze medal.

The world champion was very satisfied with his race today.

- I chose to take the safe routes but I was a bit unsure about some of the route choices, said Lundanes.

Lundanes lost a few seconds in the last round to his team mate Nordberg.

Now he promises that the Norwegian team will be a force to reckon with at the relay Sunday, Lundanes will run one of the legs.

Anders Nordberg said that todays course was physically hard and that he made a small mistake.

- It is fun to compete with Olav Lundanes. The Norwegian team effort has been great so far this WOC.

Gueorgiou was not quite satisfied with his bronze medal in the long distance, but want to take a revenge on the middle distance Saturday.

You can see all the results here.


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