Kauppi wins the gold medal

Minna Kauppi (FIN) beat Simone Niggli (SUI) in the Middle distance.

Marianne Andersen (NOR) wins the bronze medal, her second this championship and her third medal total.

Niggli now has two golds and one silver medal so far in Trondheim.

- I made two small mistakes but was very happy with my race, Minna Kauppi said at the press conference. The Finnish girl came down with a fever earlier in the championship, but still beat Niggli.

The double gold winner was also happy with her silver medal, the second one.

- It is a good thing for the sport that people can she that it is not easy to win, Niggli says.

Andersen said that she made one big and a few small mistakes after she started to speed up.

- I am happy to have won three medals, but I was disappointed about todays efforts.



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