Nordic podium in the womens relay

Minna Kauppi takes the gold for Finland. Marianne Andersen and Norway wins the silver medal and Sweden the bronze.

Helena Jansson was tired the last kilometers and won the bronze medal for Sweden.

After the first leg Hungary, Switzerland and Norway came in almost together, with Sweden and Finland almost two minutes behind. In beginning of the second leg Sweden and Finland started better and took the lead.

Halfway through the leg Sweden takes the lead in front of Finland, and they also finish like this. A large group including Norway and Switzerland chase the two first teams.

Minna Kauppi misses in the beginning of her race, and Sweden increases the lead. Then Helena Jansson makes a few mistakes and Finland and Norway are closing in. At the stadion are the three nordic teams together. Minna Kauppi runs faster than her two competitiors and finishes first.


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