“WOC 2010 – Spectacular, urban and visible competitions”

Throughout this WOC we want to display orienteering as the sport of the future. The spectators will get close to a sport demanding extreme competence, confidence, physical toughness and endurance from the competitors. We will also show that orienteering is a sport building bridges across national borders and cultural differences.

We want to stage a professional WOC, and we will show that this can be done without compromising Nature, which is such a vital part of the sport. We will make all this happen by utilizing all possibilities provided by new and advanced technology.

We will bring this WOC to the people by bringing together different generations in the same tracks as the elite runners and through this show the many facets of our fascinating sport. We will also use extensive TV/Media coverage to obtain maximum visibility of the event to a broad audience locally as well as international.



A spectacular, urban and visible WOC