Organizing committee:

Lars Skrøvseth President of the Organizing Committee
Åse Rita Ellingsen Event Director
Stig Berge Secretary
Torgeir Aune WOC Director
Per Einar Pedersli WOC Deputy Director (Maps and Courses)
Eirik Vefsnmo Director Media
Jann Ola Berget Director Finance
Bernt Rognes Director Technology
May Toril Moen WTOC Director
Bjørn Høsøien Director Logistics
Paul Gjervan Director Marketing and Sponsors
Magnus Mellbye Larsen Director “WOC Tour”

The organisation of WOC 2010, WTOC 2010 and the WOC Tour 2010 is coordinated.  Seven local orienteering clubs from the Trondheim area are organising these events in close cooperation with the Norwegian Orienteering Federation (NOF).  About 600 volunteers will be mobilised and we are all delighted to host the 27th World Orienteering Championships and the 7th World Trail-Orienteering Championships in 2010.

WOC 2010 Mapping Team
Anton Bjartnes, Ales Hejna, Kristen Treekrem and Roar Valstad.

WTOC 2010 Mapping Team
Ales Hejna and Per Einar Pedersli

Event controllers WOC 2010:

Lars Forsberg (SWE) WOC-IOF Senior Event Advisor
Ivar Maalen (NOR) WOC-Chief National Controller
Håvard Tveite (NOR) WOC-National Controller
Agnar Renolen (NOR) WOC-National Map Controller


Event controllers WTOC 2010:

Brian Parker (GBR) WTOC-IOF Senior Event Advisor
Antti Rusanen (FIN) WTOC-IOF Assistant Event Advisor
Knut Terje Ovesen (NOR) WTOC -National Event Controller
Jon Arne Klemetsaune (NOR) WTOC -National Planne


WOC 2010: Andre Schoepfer (SUI), David Rosen (GBR), David Ales (CZE), Mike Dowling  (AUS) and Tatiana Kalenderoglu (TUR).
WTOC 2010: Olga Korchagina (RUS), Taro Koyama (JPN), Hannu Niemi (FIN).


A spectacular, urban and visible WOC