Training Opportunities

Update: A collection of all the training opportunities during the Summer 2010 can be found here.

The areas in the following map and table have been designated as official training areas for teams participating in WOC2010. The maps have been revised in the period 1999-2009.

The training areas have been selected on the basis of relevance for the competitions. The structure of the terrains that will be used, except for the sprint, is of similar nature. All the training areas are considered to be relevant for any of the competitions (except sprint).

By clicking on the number you will find the recommended place for parking and start for the training. The start point is identified with a green marker.

Buråsen No.9 Iladalen Vassfjellet Nordmarka Gråkallen Herbernheia Hasetkammen Røstadmarka Vikåsen Månen Rotvoll Liaåsen

Treningsområder Iladalen Rotvoll Vassfjellet Gråkallen Herbernheia Nordmarka Hasetkammen Hønstad Saupstad skisenter Buråsen Røstadmarka Liaåsen Månen Vikåsen

Category 1: Relevant terrain and mapped by WOC2010-mapper
Category 2: Relevant terrain
Category 3: Other terrain recommended for training
Embargoed areas


Maps can be purchased offset-printed and laser-printed. It is also possible to purchase a CD with the maps in JPEG format. The map files may be used for course planning with appropriate software for printing maps and courses.

All controls that teams place in the training areas must be labeled with the name of the team and the dates when the controls were placed and when they will be removed.

Training areas for WOC2010

No. Name Club Scale Year Cat.
1 Iladalen Freidig 1:10000 2008 1
2 Rotvoll Wing 1:5000 2007 1
3 Vassfjellet Trollelg 1:15000 2007 1
4 Gråkallen NTNUI 1:10000 2006 1
5 Herbernheia NTNUI 1:10000 2006 1
6 Nordmarka Trollelg 1:15000 2001 1
7 Hasetkammen Malvik 1:10000 1999 1
8 Hønstad Malvik 1:10000 1999 1
9 Saupstad skisenter Trollelg 1:5000 2009 2
10 Buråsen Byåsen 1:10000 2009 2
11 Røstadmarka Wing 1:10000 2006 1
12 Liaåsen Wing 1:10000 2007 3
13 Månen Wing 1:10000 2006 3
14 Vikåsen NTNUI 1:10000 2002 3
15 Øya - Kalvskinnet Freidig 1:4000 2009 4


Categories (Cat.)
Terrain relevant for middle-/long-/relay competitions and with maps drawn by WOC map drawers.
2. Terrain relevant for middle-/long-/relay competitions. Close to Trondheim.
Other terrains recommended for middle-/long-/relay training close to Trondheim.
4. Terrain relevant for sprint competitions. In the city of Trondheim. West of the sprintfinal embargoed area

Map prices
Offset-printed/ Laser-printed maps, per copy 3 EUR.
Offset-printed/ Laser-printed maps with controls, per copy 5 EUR.

Map files in JPEG format, per map 75 EUR. We can also offer to set out controls in the forest: per training event, per team 40 EUR + maps. With EMIT punching system, per training event, per team 60 EUR + maps. All enquiries about training opportunities should be addressed to: Torgeir Aune, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please also consult the website for updated information about the training arrangements, facilities and maps.

Training camps and o-events:

The following official Training Camps will be organized:
1. Week 36-37 (4.-12. September), 2009, Trondheim area. See invitation. Use the following entry form.
2. Week 23 (June) 2010, Trondheim area

The following local O-Events are recommended for training:
1. Trondheim Open, 8-10 May 2009, Trondheim area. Website
2. Regional Championships, 4-6 September 2009, Selbu area. Invitation
3. Norwegian Championships, 10.-13. September 2009. Ålen area. Invitation
4. Tour de Trondheim, 18-20 September 2009, Trondheim area. Invitation
5. Trondheim Open, 11-13 June 2010, Trondheim area. Website

If any help is needed to organize separate training camps, other than the official ones, please contact: Torgeir Aune, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The organizers of WOC2010 will, to the extent possible, be helpful to organize such training camps based on each nation’s specific needs.


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