Accomodation for athletes and team leaders

WOC2010 has made block reservations at several hotels in Trondheim. All booking of accommodation at these hotels shall be made through the WOC secretariat.

The following hotels are reserved for WOC athletes and team leaders:

All the hotels have a standard of business and conference hotels. Breakfast is included.

In addition, accommodation in school classrooms/gymnasiums is offered. Mattress is provided. Breakfast may be purchased at the schools for NOK 50.

Accommodation in the following price categories is offered:

Type of room Price range (NOK)
(Per person and night)
Single 765-995 Panorama, Comfort Park
Single or double 480-600 Panorama, Comfort Park, Nova
3-bed or 4-bed 300-465 Panorama, Comfort Park, Nova
4-bed (limited number) 250 Nova
School classrooms 140


The WOC2010 organiser will do the utmost to find accommodation that complies with the requirements of each national team. However, the organiser reserves the right to move reservations from one category to the next, according to availability of rooms. The teams will be notified about this at the earliest convenience.

Payment and cancellation policy

Hotel reservations must be paid in advance. Around 20 April 2010 we will invoice each federation for the hotels. Deadline for payment is 10 May 2010. Reservations that are not paid within this date will be annulled.

In the case of cancellations after 10 May, 50% of the amount will be refunded. In the case of cancellations after 20 June, there will be no refunds.


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