Other information

Special Conditions

• For safety reasons the traffic rules of Norway states that pedestrians should use the left hand side
of the road. This applies to all WOC 2010 competitions except the Sprint Final, where special
permission has been granted by the authorities. Directions given by the Organiser on road crossings
and the use of public roads must be respected.

• The qualification and the final race of the WOC 2010 Sprint competition will be held on the same

• The Sprint Final will be followed by the WOC 2010 Opening Ceremony held at the City Square in the
centre of Trondheim.

• A forking system will be used in the Long Distance Final.

• In the Long Distance and Middle Distance Finals there will be map exchange.

• Start interval for Long Distance Final will be 2 minutes, according to the 2009 Rules.

• For Sprint Qualification, Middle Qualification and Final, Long Distance Qualification and Final, teams
will not be allowed to drive to the start using their own cars. The bus service provided by WOC 2010
is compulsory for all athletes and coaches.

• At the qualification races for Long and Middle Distance the organiser will have tents for the
athletes. It will also be possible for the teams to bring their own tents to the finish arena.

• At the remaining races (Sprint Qualification and Final, Long Distance Final, Middle Distance Final
and the Relay) it will not be possible for the teams to bring their own tents to the finish arena.


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