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WTOC2010 will be held in conjunction with the WOC2010 events and programme. The WTOC2010 organizers will prepare one model event, two WTOC events and another event similar to classic foot orienteering. The WTOC will be held during the WOC2010 week, 8th - 15th of August 2010.

What is Trail-O?

Trail orienteering is an orienteering discipline centered around map reading in natural terrain. The discipline has been developed to offer everyone, including people with limited mobility, a chance to participate in a meaningful orienteering competition. Manual or electric wheel chairs, walking sticks, and other movement aids are permitted, as speed of movement is not part of the competition.

Trail orienteers must identify precise control points in the terrain as shown on the map. Since this is done from a distance, both able-bodied and participants with disabilities compete on level terms. Proof of correct identification of the control points does not require any manual dexterity, allowing those with severely restricted movement to compete equally. Most trail orienteering events have classes open for everyone.

The first ever World Cup in trail orienteering was held in 1999 and the inaugural World Trail Orienteering Championships were organized in 2004. The WTOC is organized every year.

Other information

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