Childrens WOC-world

During the WOC week there will be activites for families with small children. These activities will consit of "small-troll", exciting courses, designing of supporter belongings, singing and much more! May be will the WOC mascot pay us a visit? The activites will be on the arenas all days, no pre-entry necessary. We will make a lot of fun at very reasonable prices for families with children. The activities will mainly be suited for children at the age of 10 years or less. The childrens WOC-world - so fun that all of Trondheim will hear us! More details in the invitation (in Norwegian).

You may order entries to childrens WOC world here. Entries may also be done directly at the arenas upon arrival.

Opening hours:

Sunday 8. juni, Trondheim Torg 12.00 – 17.00: several exiting activities.

Childrens "parking": Parallell to all WOC Tour competitions.

"Småtroll": Parallell to WOC Tour competiotions, in addition to Sunday 15.8 in Granåsen.

The childrens WOC world cooperates with Right To Play:


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